What’s Best Water to Drink?

whats best water to drink

There is some confusion about what’s the best to drink. Many bottled companies are using misleading language, so you should always drink that comes from a natural source. The best water to drink is , because it is naturally low in sodium. This water does not contain any trace chemicals or synthetic plastics. But is more expensive than other types of water, so it may be more difficult to find a good source.

Perrier water is one of the most popular brands of carbonated water on the market. It comes in an array of flavors, including strawberry, lime, and apple. The carbonation level of this water is very low and its naturally alkaline pH is 8.4. It doesn’t contain any harmful minerals or additives, so it’s an excellent choice for anyone who is avoiding sugar-sweetened beverages. It is also available in various sizes and comes in a signature green bottle made from BPA-free plastic.

Although water straight from the tap is the healthiest choice, it’s important to choose the proper type. There are many types of bottled water available, such as distilled and mineral. It can be confusing to choose the right one, especially since so many different brands and methods are available. When purchasing bottled water, you should ask yourself what is the highest quality, as well as how much salt or other contaminants it has.