Top Doctor Scam – How to Avoid the Top Doctor Scam

If you’re a physician looking to gain more visibility, you should be aware of the Top Doctor scam. This program offers a top doctor plaque for $289. While the plaque is a great way to promote your practice, it is not worth the money. There are other ways to get the same recognition. For instance, you could use the Top Doctors website and submit your information to get listed. This is totally free. However, you must sign up for a premium membership before you can view the plaque.

A healthcare reporter wrote about the Top Doctor scam, and found out that he was a victim of the scheme. He was contacted by a company that claimed he was a Top Doctor and told him that he was selected by his peers. However, the company then demanded $289 to recognize him, and another $99 for a plaque. In the end, the Top Doctor scam became an epidemic. However, it is possible to avoid getting sucked into this scam.

The Best Doctors list and the Who’s Who scam are similar scams, but for different reasons. The first is that both companies operate through guidebook methods, and the second one focuses on the legitimacy of doctors. These companies have a research team that looks into the physician’s education, board certification and license, and then evaluates them. Similarly, public websites also have information about doctors. But this approach cannot be trusted. The only way to avoid the scam is to know the truth about the companies and how they operate.

top doctor scam

The next step is to check online reviews. Google reviews are a good place to find out what other people are saying about a particular doctor. Make sure you check out other reviews to make sure there are no fakes in these reviews. Also, check to see if other reviews are relating to the same type of practice as the one you’re considering. You might find out that some people are merely venting their frustration and are not qualified to be a doctor.

Moreover, don’t trust doctor ratings. While top doctor awards and the like are generally harmless, they can conceal serious problems with a physician or practice. This is the reason why you should be wary of them. Most top doctor publications are based on peer votes, so it’s important to look for other sources to validate their claims. If you want to find the best doctor for you and your family, do not rely on top doctor awards and multi-star ratings.

In addition to these lists, you should look for a reliable spine surgeon. The field of spine surgery is extremely competitive, and there are many top doctors in the field. The best surgeons will have a high volume of patients and have a high reputation. But there are a lot of scams and shady doctors. You should only trust a spine surgeon who has a reputation for performing quality surgery. A reputable spine surgeon will have a high patient flow, allowing them to provide good value.

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