The Best Alternatives to Grammarly

best alternatives to grammarly

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Grammarly is the best tool you can use to improve your writing. It is also the first choice of business people, teachers, and students alike. Its features are simple and easy to use, and it offers a free plan for those who wish to check their work. However, its terms of service are not always clear.

There are other tools you can try, though. A free alternative to Grammarly is the Hemingway App. This is a very simple tool that helps you avoid complex sentences and provides helpful suggestions for easier words. It also includes a handy formatting toolbar and a translation tool. It can be used for blogs and social media posts, and it exports markups in HTML.

Another alternative is Lightkey, which offers inline text predictions in any Windows desktop application. It also offers a number of other useful features, including a thesaurus, a dictionary, and a spelling and grammar checker. It works in conjunction with a number of online services, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google Docs.

Another alternative to Grammarly is PaperRater, which is a cloud-based writing tool. It analyzes text in seconds and gives a number of useful suggestions for improving your writing. It offers a number of color-coded highlights and an AI engine that gives instant feedback.

A number of Grammarly alternatives offer similar features. For example, Ginger offers a free version that can be downloaded to your browser or mobile device. Ginger also offers a number of Grammarly-specific features, including a translation tool and detailed feedback for spelling, grammar, and style errors.

Other notable features include a “picky mode,” which helps users find the best possible words in a document, and a “distraction-free mode,” which removes any distractions from your writing. PaperRater is also known for its spell checker, which includes synonyms and conjugations. It has an excellent free plan, though you may need to purchase a premium version if you’re looking for more features.

Another tool that can help you write better is the Hemingway App. This simple, free tool combines the best features of Grammarly, including an inbuilt text editor and a free writing mode, with some extras. It also provides suggestions for easier words and offers readability scores and an export to HTML. It also includes a Chrome extension, which helps you check your blog posts for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Another tool that can help you write smarter is the Hemingway App, which works in conjunction with Medium and WordPress. It has a number of features that mimic the writing style of Ernest Hemingway. It also helps users avoid common mistakes like using too many passive constructions, and it offers a handy formatting toolbar. It also offers a translation tool, which is helpful for those who wish to publish their work in a foreign language. It also includes a free writing mode, which helps users avoid common mistakes like using too many active voices.