The Best Alternatives to Amazon

best alternatives to amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular marketplaces for online sellers. While the site can be a great place to start a retail business, it can also be expensive, competitive, and not always honest. As such, there are many other good alternatives to Amazon. Here are a few of them. Consider these alternatives instead of using Amazon as your primary selling platform.

Amazon is synonymous with eCommerce, and the site now controls nearly half of US retail sales. Its recent growth has seen the company buy Twitch, and it is now developing a voice assistant called Alexa, which is designed to compete with Google Assistant and Apple Siri. However, despite Amazon’s vast product range and high prices, you should remember that you can also find cheaper prices at other online retailers.

eBay is another good option. Unlike Amazon, eBay doesn’t sell products directly, but it connects buyers and sellers. The site allows customers to buy and sell items instantly, and you can bid on items. However, as a seller, you will have to pay to display your products in product listings and sell them. eBay also charges flexible fees for promotion and sales.

Amazon used to be difficult to navigate, but things have changed drastically in the last two years. Its goal of being a one-stop shop for new and used has expanded. The company even offers its own Nook titles, Barnes and Noble’s answer to the Amazon Kindle. With such a wide selection, Amazon is becoming a viable alternative for many people.

Another alternative is Etsy, a popular platform for sellers who want to sell their handmade and vintage items. With a low start-up cost, Etsy is a great choice for beginners because it requires no credit card and allows you to try out the platform free for 14 days. Besides, Etsy is a socially conscious company with principles based on sustainability. Additionally, it uses renewable energy to power its operations.

Cerqular is another great alternative. This online marketplace is certified Carbon Neutral and offsets outbound shipping and returns. Its products include clothing and accessories for both sexes, as well as and pet items. In addition, it has a wide variety of second-hand and vintage items. Plus, it is part of a nonprofit organization, and it works with underserved communities to create products and services that are good for the environment.

Public Goods is another alternative that has a big variety of environmentally friendly products. The site sells organic and recycled personal care products, household cleaning supplies, pet food, and other eco-friendly products. It also offers an overstock sale section for unsold products. Packaging for the products is made from recycled paper and bioplastics.