The Best Alternatives to Aliexpress For Dropshipping

There are many great alternatives to Aliexpress, but some have a low reputation. If you’re looking for a reliable source without the high fees, you can check out some of these sites. These alternatives include DHgate, TVC-Mall, Chinavasion, and Kole Imports. Check them out to see if they’re a good choice for dropshipping.


DHgate is a Chinese business-to-business e-commerce marketplace that facilitates sales for small and medium retailers. It is the largest such platform in China, servicing 15 million buyers and 1.7 million sellers from 222 countries. DHgate is easy to use; all you need to do is register on the website and authenticate yourself.

For a one-year membership fee of $67, you can get access to the SaleHoo directory, a massive ecommerce resource library, and a market research tool. If you want access to a larger database of Chinese suppliers, you can upgrade to a lifetime membership for $127. The difference between SaleHoo and DHgate is the price and the size of the suppliers.

DHgate does not allow dropshipping using guest accounts. You need to register for an account in order to be able to dropship products. You can use your email, Facebook, or Google account to create an account. Once you have signed up, you can begin shopping for your products. You can browse products by category or search for them by product name.

In addition to offering cheaper products, DHgate also has a membership plan that allows you to get better discounts on products. Both sites offer good wholesale discounts but you must be careful about fake products. However, DHgate does not have the same level of customer service as AliExpress.

best alternatives to aliexpress for dropshipping

Besides DHgate, there are other dropshipping sites that you can use to sell your products. For example, Made-In-China is another great option. It features more suppliers than DHgate, and you can make custom deals with them. You can also find a huge collection of mobile phone accessories and other electronics on this site. Most products are available in a huge variety, and there is no minimum order value. You can also get a significant discount if you purchase in bulk.


TVC-Mall is a China-based webshop that has been in business since 2004. It is part of the Alibaba Group, which is one of the largest companies in the world. However, it still trails behind smaller Chinese webshops when it comes to popularity. According to Alexa, it ranks in the top 35,000 websites in the world. Although it is not a vendor platform, it still provides a safe online shopping experience. It also offers options for out-of-stock items. In case of an out-of-stock item, customers can choose between a refund, replacement, or store credit.

While AliExpress remains the most popular dropshipping site, there are many other websites to choose from. These websites are more affordable and provide better deals for buyers. For example, DHgate is another great platform that can give AliExpress a tough competition. Although it costs more to sell one item on DHgate, it offers free shipping. Moreover, prices on DHgate are close to AliExpress’s. However, DHgate does have a higher minimum order requirement, which means that it requires at least $2 for a single item.

Another good alternative to AliExpress for dropshipping is TVC-Mall. It offers a huge range of products for sale at low prices. For example, it sells toys that cost $0.99, sports equipment and cameras. The site also offers a worldwide site and country-specific sites. For cell phones, it is a good alternative to Banggood.

TVC-Mall also has a strict return policy, and it provides a 1 year warranty for most electronics. It also offers quantity discounts. When a customer adds more items to their cart, the system will automatically display a discount.

Kole Imports

One of the best alternatives to Aliexpress for those who want to dropship from China is Kole Imports. This wholesale and dropshipping site specializes in closeout and overstock products. It has an extensive product offering, and ships to over 100 nations. It offers PayPal and FedEx delivery.

If you don’t want to deal with AliExpress, Kole Imports is an excellent dropshipping marketplace that offers a variety of products and supports your dropshipping business. It has over 8,000 dropship suppliers and 1.6 million high-quality branded products. It also offers a 24-hour support center. You can also use its Dropship tool, which helps you upload pre-vetted, high-profit products automatically.

While AliExpress is a popular dropshipping source, it has its disadvantages. Some people don’t like the long shipping time, while others like the vast variety of products and the lower prices. In addition, the quality of AliExpress products is questionable and the rate of counterfeit items is high. Another downside is that communication is difficult with the sellers. Many don’t speak English.

Despite its drawbacks, AliExpress remains the best dropshipping marketplace in the world, and it’s still the best place to find low-cost items. However, there are other dropshipping alternatives to AliExpress that are equally lucrative. Banggood is one of the best alternatives to AliExpress.

For those who don’t like AliExpress, Kole Imports is a great option for dropshipping products. The company offers access to wholesalers and connects dropshippers with them. It costs $224 to become a member.


If you are considering dropshipping but want a hassle-free experience, you should check out Chinavasion. This Chinese wholesale selling platform has a huge selection of goods and is suitable for all kinds of businesses. It also offers a free dropshipping service with no monthly fees. You can also register for a free VIP Bronze membership to get extra discounts on wholesale products. After that, you can choose from three more membership levels.

Chinavasion has a lot to offer if you are looking for a reliable alternative to Aliexpress. It offers a wide selection of products from Chinese manufacturers and ships them directly to your customers. Its prices are reasonable, and the shipping process is similar to Aliexpress. It also has a supplier rating system where you can read about different suppliers. You can also pay for your orders with PayPal or credit cards.

Another great feature of Chinavasion is its order fulfillment system. You can quickly add products to your online store and ship them directly from your inventory. Its website also has a global reach. This means your customers can order products in any language they want, and you can deliver them on time.

Although many people prefer to dropship on AliExpress, there are risks associated with the platform. For example, a lot of fake sellers and long shipping times can lead to a bad experience. Using an alternative to AliExpress will allow you to keep more control over your dropshipping business.

Although AliExpress remains the top choice for many dropshippers, there are some other great alternatives to this website that provide high-quality products at a lower price. Chinavasion is an eCommerce website that offers free shipping for orders of $2 or more.


If you’re looking for a place to sell your goods, you may want to consider Banggood, an online retail platform focused on cross-border and business-to-consumer commerce. Its global network includes at least 40 warehouses and partnerships with leading logistics companies. Its centralized, direct-to-consumer approach helps you reach your customers directly and save money in the process. It also offers a wide variety of products to choose from.

Banggood has millions of products, which you can browse by category and multiple suppliers. The site also has a merchant rating system that makes it easier for consumers to choose a good product. Additionally, the site is safe and secure for transactions. When it comes to customer support, Banggood offers a round-the-clock customer support team.

Banggood is a Chinese eCommerce marketplace similar to AliExpress. It has a large selection of products, from smartphones to cutting-edge VR technology. While some of its products are more expensive than AliExpress, their delivery times and quality are consistently high. Therefore, it’s a good choice for dropshipping.

Another dropshipping alternative to Aliexpress is DealeXtreme, an eCommerce store based in Hong Kong. This store offers a large selection of products, with prices starting at $0.30. As a bonus, DealeXtreme actively seeks out dropshippers. Its wide product selection and low delivery times make it one of the best alternatives to Aliexpress.

Alibaba is a Chinese multinational technology company. The wholesale service branch of Alibaba offers wholesale pricing, which makes it a great Aliexpress alternative. AliExpress doesn’t typically offer wholesale pricing or bulk purchasing.