Tac Light Flashlight Review

Tac Light

tac light flashlight

The Tac Light is a compact, lightweight, and versatile with five different lighting modes. Each mode has varying degrees of brightness and function. To switch between the different lighting modes, simply press the bottom of the light’s button halfway. This also features a zoom in/out function that allows the user to adjust the light density. The zoom function can be operated by turning the head clockwise or counterclockwise. It comes with a lifetime warranty from Bell Howell.

The Taclight uses aircraft grade aluminum to resist the elements. This material also makes it shock and -proof. It is also durable, and can survive being run over by a car. Its LED bulbs can last over 100,000 hours! This flashlight is also small enough to fit in your purse or car trunk, and it has three AAA batteries. There are no other flashlights on the market with this much durability and reliability. It’s worth its weight in gold!

A tactical flashlight is designed for military and law enforcement personnel. The light can be seen up to five nautical miles, and is 22 times brighter than a standard flashlight. Unlike a traditional flashlight, a tac light flashlight has a zoom function so you can focus it on a target and easily adjust its focus. It also has multiple modes. The Tac Light flashlight features zoom, low light, self-defense, and SOS modes.