Kick a Ginger Kicker Day

BEWARE: Kick a Ginger Kicker Day is coming up.

Mark your calenders..Octber 22nd !!!

Kick a Ginger Day: what is it? What does it mean? (


“National Kick A Ginger Day” is a national day when kids can harass or bully ginger kids. Founded by South Park creator Matt Stone and Facebook users, the day has received both support and opposition. The concept was inspired by a controversial episode of the animated show. Though the concept may be humorous in some respects, the message of hate is firmly embedded in the message.

Although “Kick a Ginger” is a hoax, the sentiment behind it isn’t. The original episode essentially was a warning against being a redhead, but its fans took it to another level by making a holiday out of it. The idea behind kick a ginger kicker day came from South Park’s character, “Ginger Kid.” This South Park episode is a satirical look at redheads, and the show has become a cult favorite.

The campaign began in 2008 as a joke inspired by an episode of the South Park cartoon. The cartoon portrayed redheads as soulless and evil, which has led to a number of bullying incidents. In the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, a number of redheads have been bullied on kick a ginger kicker day.

Red hair once had a bad reputation, as it was associated with witchcraft and overpowering senses. However, in recent years, red hair has become more trendy and more people are dyeing their hair red. In fact, the idea of a day dedicated to redheads was actually originated in a Facebook group.