Is Nine9 a Scam?

Is Nine9 a Scam?

The Nine9 agency claims to be a “one-stop shop” for casting calls in the entertainment industry. The agency has been around for over 15 years and promises clients a diverse array of opportunities – from commercials to print ads, music videos to runway shows. The company also offers some paid services. The company’s website has a lot of content, but not enough of it is detailed enough to determine whether it’s a scam or not.

In fact, the company’s Facebook page has plenty of testimonials of actors and actresses describing their experiences with the company. In some cases, the company has even been blamed for misunderstandings. Some individuals say that the company is a scam. Others say that it is a legitimate way to find a new career in the entertainment industry. Whether Nine9 is a scam or not, the social media site has been a helpful resource for people seeking work in the entertainment industry.

The real benefit to a modeling school is the potential to land a job. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that once you enter the real entertainment industry, you will have to delete the modeling school training from your resume. In addition to that, some unscrupulous talent agencies will make you believe that they can help you become a professional model or actor. This is one reason why the company has received so many complaints and negative reviews.

The company also provides paid opportunities for models, which is a great way to gain industry experience and start a career. Nine9 also has relationships with many major media outlets, which can help you find work quickly. The company also has a number of open calls on a regular basis. Talent specialists will evaluate potential models during these calls. If your application is selected, a talent specialist will contact you on behalf of the company.

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