Is Carbonated Water Bad For You?

Is Carbonated Bad For You?

Is carbonated bad for you? It might surprise you to learn that drinking this carbonated beverage can actually help you lose weight. Carbonated beverages force the food you eat to stay in your stomach for longer. As a result, you feel fuller longer, resulting in fewer calories and a healthier waistline. That is the exact opposite of soda, which can cause you to bloat and cause gas. Carbonated can also stimulate your digestion, but it’s best to listen to your body’s signals. If you cannot tolerate the bubbles, stick to still .

is carbonated water bad for you

Many carbonated beverages contain citric acid to enhance the flavor. It may also cause tooth enamel erosion, and this can increase if you drink a lot of sparkling water. Thankfully, you can limit the effects of this acid by drinking through a straw. This prevents sparkling water from rubbing your throat and teeth. Although carbonated water is not harmful for your , it is best to limit your intake of it to a once-a-day treat. For best results, drink it along with a meal. Saliva will neutralize the acidity in your mouth when you eat, which means you shouldn’t have sparkling water as a daily habit.

One study found that drinking carbonated water increased the release of the hunger hormone ghrelin. While this effect was primarily found in mice, it was able to be extrapolated to human males. Although the effects of carbonated water on the gut are minor, the effects on the microbiome are still worth noting. Carbonated water is a better choice than soda and other carbonated drinks, which are filled with additives.