How to Choose the Best Flashlight For EDC

A flashlight is a very important tool for your daily carry kit. You’ve probably been in situations where you needed a flashlight to locate something or make a move in the dark. You may not think about how essential a flashlight is until you need one. Here are some things to look for when choosing a flashlight for your EDC kit. This guide will help you find the right light for your situation. You can read on to learn about different types of flashlights and how to choose the best one.

best flashlight for edc

First, you should look for easy-to-use controls. Most EDC flashlights have tactical-style controls, such as a sliding switch, tail switch, or twisting head. This design makes it easy to control brightness and sensitivity. Many models also feature a USB charging port. Whether you plan to use your flashlight in an emergency, you should choose one with a USB port so you can charge it anytime you need to.

Another great option for EDC lighting is a keychain light. A keychain light is designed to easily slip onto your keychain and can be used just like a pen. It does not take up space on your keyring, so you can keep it anywhere you need it. A keychain light is also a good choice if you’re looking for an EDC flashlight that won’t add bulk to your keychain.