How Often to Water Succulents

how often to water succulents

The answer to the question “how often to succulents?” depends on the type of plant, the type of soil, and the season. If you’re unsure how often to your succulents, read this guide. It will help you keep track of how often you each type. If you follow a regular schedule, your succulents will be happier and healthier. Watering your succulents once a week or less will keep the roots healthy.

Succulents don’t need as much water as other types of plants, but you should be sure not to over-water them, as this could cause them to die. Succulents store a lot of water in their swollen leaves and stems, so they can go long periods of time without being watered. The most important tip when watering your succulents is to avoid over-watering them.

Remember to water your succulents when the soil feels dry and use a watering can with a long spout to reach the bottom. Don’t forget to fill the drainage saucer with water if the succulents don’t have drainage holes in the bottom. The bottom watering will encourage stronger roots. If you water your succulents more frequently, it may be best to repotte them. The amount of water you need to give them depends on their size, the type of soil, and the last time you watered them.

The timing of watering succulents will also depend on the time of year. During the growing season, they need more water than in winter. During the dormant season, they need less water than in other seasons. This will depend on the variety and ambient humidity. For example, succulents need more water in the spring and summer than they do in the winter. If you want to water your succulents in winter, you should water them in the fall and winter.