Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

easy elf on the shelf ideas

Looking for easy elf on the shelf ideas? Then keep reading! These creative elf on the shelf ideas will be sure to make your kids giggle! Even if you don’t have a lot of time to create an elf on the shelf, there are many great ways to get creative and add a little holiday cheer to your ! Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Use a free, printable image to create a scene. You can even use your elf as a virtual salesman. You can use a fill-in-the-blank letter to trick your kids into thinking they are helping Santa. An iPad can also play your favorite holiday movie! And if you’d prefer to skip the hassle of setting up a game, a fill-in-the-blank activity is a great way to keep your kids busy.

Create a scene with your elf. He can climb the stairs by holding the slinky. Or, you can set him up in a fishing pose. You can even set him up in the sink with a fishing line. If you don’t have a craft pipe cleaner, try wrapping a paperclip with yarn or bendable wire. It’ll look really cool! This simple elf on the shelf idea can help you create a magical environment for your children.

Try crafting a scene where your elf plays a role in the house. Use loo rolls, string, or any animal toy to create a scene for your elf. Another fun idea is to craft an elf’s throne using DUPLO or sugar cereal. Another fun activity is catching your elf in a bag of M&Ms. There are countless other ideas available online to make an elf on the shelf as creative as you want it to be.

For parents on the go, these simple elf on the shelf ideas will help you save time. You can create a scene for your elf in less than five minutes. You can get all of the necessary materials together quickly and still have your elf ready by December 1. For more ideas, you can purchase a Kid’s Holiday Activity Kit. The kit contains an Elf on the Shelf note, a letter to Santa, Christmas scavenger hunts, and more!

For your elf’s snacks, you can purchase a bag of chocolate chips or any other sweet treat. You can even make it look like he is eating cookies or leftover candy. The elf can even chew on the packaging of the candy you purchased for Halloween! Besides, elves can’t resist sugar, so why not provide them with some? Your little helpers will love them! So, get creative!

If you’re a parent who wants to make their child’s elf on the shelf look more realistic, you can also give them bandages! Kids love bandages, so you could buy some character bandages to put on their elf. But don’t forget to buy a few extra items for your elf to dress up! This is another way to add a personal touch to a slew of gifts for the elf.