DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

diy yoga mat cleaner

A DIY yoga mat cleaner is an excellent way to remove stains and dirt on your mat between classes. It’s an easy solution that works great between cleanings. Simply lay your yoga mat out on a flat surface and spray the cleaner all over. To remove excess moisture, wipe the mat with a clean towel. After cleaning, allow it to air dry. Once dry to the touch, you can roll it up to keep it clean. The DIY yoga mat cleaner works great for spot cleaning but it won’t deep clean your mat.

Another way to make your own DIY yoga mat cleaner is to purchase a spray. A spray bottle filled with distilled , vinegar, and witch hazel will work well. You can also make your own scent-free version by adding a few drops of essential oils to the bottle. For a nice, fresh scent, try using essential oils. It won’t be a stale odor after cleaning, but it will keep your mat clean.

You can also make a DIY yoga mat cleaner spray that works just as well as a chemical cleaner. A 16-ounce spray bottle and some essential oils will work well. Shake the bottle well to mix the ingredients. You can also use this spray to refresh dirty yoga mats. Just make sure to store the spray bottle in a cool, dry location. After cleaning, the spray will remain fresh for at least a few days.

To make a DIY yoga mat cleaner, you can use a few drops of essential oil. These essential oils are known to have a strong scent, so you’ll want to start with a small amount of them and add more as needed. After preparing the cleaner, pour out any excess oil and replace it with . Spray the solution liberally on your yoga mat and wipe it with a clean towel to get rid of any leftover oil.

As yoga mats can get quite dirty over time, it’s important to clean them regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs. A recent lab test found that a yoga mat can contain millions of bacteria and Staph. While yoga mat cleaner sprays can be purchased, they can also be made from ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen or pantry. Just remember to follow the directions on the packaging before applying it to your mat.

To make a DIY yoga mat cleaner, add to your witch hazel mixture. The higher the content, the more powerful the cleaning solution. Shake it well before using. When you’re done using the cleaner, wipe the mat dry with a clean towel or cloth. It’s very simple, and it works well! If you want a more powerful yoga mat cleaner, you can add essential oils to the mix. Just keep in mind that essential oils do have antibacterial properties, so choose the ones with the best antibacterial properties.