Tactical Flashlight

Tactical Flashlight With Holster

tactical flashlight with holster

The UltraFire WF-502B tactical flashlight comes with a super-strong nylon holster and a bottle opener and glass breaker tip. Designed by a former military officer, this tactical flashlight is lightweight and easily portable. The holster features an integrated spare battery. This tactical flashlight also includes a battery for an additional charge. It… Continue reading

What is a Tac Light As Seen on TV?

tac light as seen on tv

If you are wondering what a tac light as seen on television is, you have come to the right place. This product is made of aircraft grade aluminum, making it highly durable. It is shock and water-resistant and will not break under any circumstances, even if it’s run over by a car.… Continue reading

Tac Light Flashlight Review

Tac Light Flashlight Review

tac light flashlight

The Tac Light is a compact, lightweight, and versatile flashlight with five different lighting modes. Each mode has varying degrees of brightness and function. To switch between the different lighting modes, simply press the bottom of the light’s button halfway. This flashlight also features a zoom in/out function… Continue reading

Tactical Flashlight Pen

Tactical Flashlight Pen

tactical flashlight pen

A tactical flashlight pen can be useful in many different situations. This lightweight pen has features that will make it useful in an emergency. Its LED flashlight can be used as a backup light, while a built-in wrench and bottle opener can also come in handy. It also comes… Continue reading