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The Best Amusement Parks in the United States

best amusement parks in us

When it comes to family fun, amusement parks in the United States are hard to beat. Whether you’re looking for a thrill-riding adventure or want to experience a magical holiday season, there’s an amusement park for you. These five parks have everything from live entertainment to 52-mph roller coasters. They also offer… Continue reading

Best Tap Water in the United States

This year’s best tap water awards recognize communities around the United States that have achieved excellence in the quality of their drinking water. Eldorado, Colorado, was named the best municipal water system in the United States by a panel of water experts. Eldorado is the first municipal city in Colorado to be… Continue reading

The Best Air Quality in the US

best air quality in us

Currently, forty percent of the US population is at risk of premature death due to poor air quality. Research shows that people who live in places with good air quality tend to live longer and healthier lives. So, if you’d like to live longer and healthier, consider moving to one of the… Continue reading