Buying a Tactical Flashlight With Taser

Buying a Tactical Flashlight With Taser

tactical flashlight with taser

If you’re looking for a high-quality flashlight with a taser, you’ve come to the right place. This strobe flashlight has a powerful 95-decibel zapping sound that can deter an attacker, and the taser’s pain-inducing stun gun can deliver a 1.60-volt charge. A tactical flashlight with taser comes with an optional cigarette lighter adapter and standard wrist straps.

Tactical flashlights are meant to be used in self-defense and emergencies. A high-quality tactical flashlight is able to use CR123 batteries, which have low self-discharge and do not deplete quickly. CR123 batteries are the safest choice in emergencies. Some flashlights are advertised as tactical, but they’re designed for everyday use. While advanced settings are handy for emergency situations, they’re not necessary in a life-threatening situation.

Another good choice is a military-grade aluminum-alloy tactical torch with a stun gun. It delivers a shock of 1.6 micro-coulombs and can blind an attacker for up to 15 seconds. It has five modes of light power, a holster, and a SOS button. Despite its bulk and weight, the flashlight is lightweight and durable. A high-quality stun gun is an important feature for self-defense, but many people fail to consider this aspect before purchasing one.

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