Best Alternatives to Reddit

If you find Reddit boring and uninteresting, you might want to try one of the best alternatives to reddit. These websites publish articles on a variety of topics, chosen by an audience that consists mostly of Internet users. These sites are also much cleaner and more organized than Reddit.


Steemit is a blockchain-based social media site that lets you publish content and earn cryptocurrency. If your post gets enough upvotes, you will be rewarded with STEEM. If you receive more downvotes, you will earn less. You can use this cryptocurrency to make money online or to pay your bills.

best alternatives to reddit

Steemit has been criticized for its pyramid scheme structure, and many have criticized it for being a scam. The cryptocurrency that pays out contributors comes from the creation of new currency. This has led to accusations of Steemit being a pyramid scheme, and new investors are needed to keep the system running.


Slashdot is one of the most popular websites on the internet and offers some of the same features as Reddit. However, it caters more to the technology niche. In addition to providing posts for the technology niche, Slashdot has sections dedicated to contributions and comments. This site has some great features that will attract visitors.

Slashdot is a popular community for those who are into technology, science, and politics. Users can post news stories, summaries, and links and participate in discussion. It has a user-based moderation system that assigns points to randomly chosen moderators, who then use the points to rate comments. This system allows the community to determine whether a comment is relevant or not, and it allows users to vote for comments they believe are interesting.


Reddit is a highly popular online community and forum. It is divided into subreddits, which are threads on specific topics. These topics can range from smartphones and operating systems to parenting and politics. The community is extremely active, and the moderators on the site take their jobs seriously. However, some users complain that recent moderation decisions are made by AI “bots” with little or no logic.

If you’re looking for a crowdsourced alternative to Reddit, Quora is a great choice. While this website is similar to Reddit in terms of format, it is easier to navigate and has a wiki-style community structure. You can submit questions, create categories, and assign tags to specific answers. The site is easy to use, although you’ll need to create an account before you can post a question. While it has a social-like system and a reputation-based system, the answers aren’t necessarily from experts, and you should always check the credibility of the source of any answer before posting it.


One of the most popular Reddit alternatives is 9Gag, a website that allows users to share funny content with one another. This website has over nine billion pageviews a month and was founded by Ray Chan, Derek Chan, Chris Chan, Marco Fung, and Brian Yu. The main goal of 9Gag is to provide an alternative to Reddit that has a similar sense of humor, while still being easier to use and navigate.

Another popular alternative is 9Gag, a site that allows users to post funny memes, breaking news stories, cute GIFs, viral videos, and more. This site originated as a community for people to share funny memes and has evolved into a broader community over time. Its diverse content and community make it one of the most popular alternatives to Reddit.


Infinity for Reddit is a mobile app for Reddit that lets you browse posts and create Folders. The app is free to use, but requires registration for voting and posting. It has many features that make it a great alternative to Reddit, including a customizable navigation drawer and bottom navigation. You can also customize the time format and fonts on the main page. It supports multiple accounts and features a night theme.

Infinity is an Android app that is free and ad-free. The app is open source and developed by a university student. It also features a lazy mode, which allows you to scroll posts without moving your thumb. The app also organizes each Reddit post into a card format, which helps you follow and read posts easily.


Tapatalk is an alternative to Reddit, and is considered the future of online forums. It works similarly to Reddit, but also gives users more control over their communities. They can reward others for their contributions, control ad policies, and collect donations from members. The app offers access to hundreds of thousands of communities. In addition to Reddit, Tapatalk is a great way to get started building a community.

Despite having many similarities to Reddit, Tapatalk is not the best alternative to Reddit. It lacks the features that Reddit offers, but it makes up for that with a bigger user base, more posts, and a more convenient interface. The site also has an open-source design and dark mode, which gives it a more personal feel.


If you’re looking for a better alternative to Reddit, Mashable is a great choice. The website provides daily updates about the latest technology, entertainment, and social media news. Its user interface is easy to navigate, and it lets you choose topics that interest you. In addition, you can also post your own stories and comment on them.

Mashable is an aggregator of news stories, with a clean, sky blue header. The site allows you to interact with content in a partial manner, and you can also earn badges and track your impact on the site. The site has grown to over forty million unique visitors a month, and has received praise from Mashable and Time Magazine.