Alternatives to Ccleaner For Windows 10

Using a program like ccleaner can be a great way to keep your computer clean, but there are alternatives that can help you get the job done without using your PC to its fullest potential. Below are some of the top programs that can help you with your PC’s cleaning needs.


CCleaner is one of the best system cleaning tools for PCs. This program can defrag your hard drive, optimize your memory and remove junk files. It is free to download and use.

CCleaner also offers a registry cleaner. It helps to keep your PC running fast and free from malware. The software also helps to secure sensitive information. It also allows you to clean your Windows registry and erase invalid registry errors. It is an all-in-one optimization tool that can boost your PC performance and protect your system in real-time.

CCleaner also provides an automatic disk defragmenter. The software offers a clean and fast user interface. It can free up a few gigabytes of hard drive space by deleting unwanted files. It is a simple, easy-to-use tool that helps to improve your PC’s performance.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

alternatives to ccleaner for windows 10

Using a tool like Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a great way to optimize your Windows 10 system. It has many tools and features to increase your system’s performance. It can help you get rid of unused files, and free up space on your PC. It can also help you protect your privacy. It has a clean interface and offers detailed results. It can be downloaded from the official website.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer can be used on Windows 10/8/7. It has a clean, easy-to-use interface and offers several tools that can speed up your computer. It offers a variety of modules to defrag your hard drive, delete junk files, and repair your Windows registry. It also offers a disk speed test.

CCleaner is a popular software used by Windows users to improve their system’s performance. It can clean your PC’s registry, optimize Internet browsers, and clear tracks and cookies. It also has anti-malware and identity protector features.


Having a disk cleaning tool like DaisyDisk on hand can help improve your computer’s performance. It is a useful program that allows you to quickly and easily scan your disks, and then clean up unwanted data.

DaisyDisk is a free, downloadable app that will help you keep your disks clean. It can scan your Mac mounted disks for malware, and also let you delete files you don’t need. It has a simple interface that will help you get started quickly.

DaisyDisk uses a fast scan engine to quickly find and remove large files, and also offers an in-app file deletion feature. The program can also be used to clean up your internet history.

The program includes an interactive wheel that shows you what’s on your disks. This information can be viewed in real time, and the data is updated as you move files around. The wheel also allows you to view a pie chart showing which files are currently being scanned.

Wise Care 365

CCleaner is one of the best registry cleaners out there, but it comes with some limitations. Wise Care 365 is a great alternative to CCleaner, with a number of features that allow users to repair Windows and keep it running efficiently.

In addition to cleaning invalid Windows registry entries, Wise Care 365 can remove cache files, delete browser history and other unwanted files. It also features a disk defragmenter, which improves the performance of the hard drive.

Wise Care 365 can scan your PC in just five minutes. It can also control running processes and close any background application.

Wise Care 365 comes with a free version, and the Pro version has additional features. The Pro version comes with a disk shredder, a privacy eraser and a comprehensive PC cleaner. It also has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Ashampoo Registry Cleaner

Whether you want to clean the registry or just improve the performance of your PC, Ashampoo Registry Cleaner is a powerful Windows tool that can do it. With simple to use interface and advanced features, this software can improve your system’s speed and stability.

It works by scanning your system for invalid entries in the registry and deleting them. These invalid entries can slow down your system and cause crashes. With its powerful scanning engine, this software can scan your entire PC in a short time.

It includes a built-in disk defragmenter, which helps optimize your PC’s performance. It also features a registry cleaner and other tools to keep your PC running smoothly.

The Ashampoo Registry Cleaner 2 is a good alternative to ccleaner for windows 10. It is a fast tool that can detect invalid entries and clean them. It also includes real-time backups that can help restore your PC’s speed and performance.